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Interview Questions for HR Professionals

Human Resource (HR) is a very important part of every organization. From recruitment, to discipline, employee relation management, training and development, workplace safety, and many such important department are handled by HR professionals. Small companies usually have a general HR professional that can handle work in all the above mentioned areas. Whereas a big company have multiple HR specialist professionals each with a specific expertise.
Interview questions for a HR specialist include questions that can help in judging the candidate's level of expertise towards his/her specific genre as well as behavioral and situational interview questions to judge the candidate's capability to work in other areas and department.
Experience play an important role in deciding a candidate's suitability for a role. Therefore, questions seeking knowledge about previous work experience are very common during a HP professional's interview. However instead of general, no-specific interview questions, questions are weaved to get more specific information about your work history.
Be prepared to answer questions like – "Have you ever done recruitment for a technical position?" or "What is your approach when you have to hire for a computer programming applicant?"
Situational Interview Questions
Since dealing with employees of an organization is an important part of HR's working, therefore situational interview questions are used for determining an HR's job competency level. Some examples of situational interview questions are
"How would you handle a situation when an employee is not happy with your company's HR policy?"
"What approach will you take to investigate an employee's complaint about workplace harassment?"
"How will you ensure that your employer is maintaining workplace safety?"
Career Development
Although an HR specialist's job is to work in one human resource discipline, some interviewer plan to expand the working horizon of HR to other areas as well. Therefore, they explore the suitability of the candidate to work in other areas of HR department. Questions like, "What is your experience of organizing training for employees?" or "Have you ever thought of cross-training in other HR specialist areas? If yes, which department would you like to experiment?" "Have you come across situation when you had to handle responsibility of your colleagues in HR department?"
Professional Qualities
In addition to being good in their job, it is important for an HR professional to have high levels of professionalism, confidentiality, and strong commitment of serving employee needs. Therefore, questions that can help judge professional characteristics of a candidate are important part of a HR interview. Typical questions include, "What characteristics do you think you have that can help you succeed as a HR professional?" "How would you resolve conflict between two employees when one of them is your close friend?"

HR Outsourcing: Driving Workforce Productivity And Compliance

Today HR outsourcing has become more challenging that the words can interpret – as clients focus noiseless and seamless delivery of their HR functions and that too at a cost comfortably within. The outsourcing engagement with potential clients may face the collision of trust and integrity in the presence of deeper problems.

This essentially warrants an innovatively managed Human resource outsourcing system that could effectively generate workforce productivity and compliance with the need of clients.
Introspection to the factors impacting human resource service delivery system is crucial as overlooking or underestimating them turn out to be having potentially malfunctioned HR ecosystem for an organization. And, introspecting technology is one of the crucial factors in this regard, which is supposed to make a great difference to HR delivery system.
We can't gainsay the productivity and standardization brought about by the implementation of SAP, Oracle and ERP into HR system in the past. Now introduction of HR Software as a Service by means of cloud computing, clients can avail a plentitude of benefits that in one way can facilitate attainment of an improved productivity to their in-house HR functions.
Most clients suspect if the evolving technology has anything to do with impacting their HR function. Their limited knowledge about novelty of new technology dissuades them from following assurance of outsourcing service provider. This calls for the necessity of taking the client into confidence that your modern technologies can streamline workforce ecosystem of your client and that the compliance will be empirical.
Every client that wishes to outsource their HR needs is clouded with the obsession of having a fine-tuned, streamlined and standardized HR ecosystem accompanied by workforce productivity and other benefits at reduced costs. A service provider that lives up to expectation of a client turns out to be a long term ally for the client company.
When is HR outsourcing required?
It mostly happens when a company observes presence of inefficient and disorganized workflow management within its HR vertical that in the sense becomes so irrevocable to call for the intervention of outsourcing. Many a time most companies undergo insufficient cash outflow over the management of their entire HR operations. From hiring to payroll and fulfilling other responsibilities for their employees, the considerable cash outflow inflicts damages onto the budget condition of most companies. To evade such things from happening and to make HR ecosystem strengthened without spending a fortune on it, outsourcing is required.
Outsourcing, aside from fine-tuning internal accounting processes, also lends great service of workforce optimization. Means, the productivity of employees is improved.
Undeniable is the fact that human resource outsourcing drives workforce productivity and compliance to a company's HR system. However, companies need to ensure reliability of the service provider beforehand, for not every company indulged into HR outsourcing lives up to the expectation of clients.

Why hire Outsourced HR Services?

HR services are an integral part of any company or organisation as no organisation can function without it. It is the responsibility of the HR department to first choose, hire and then organise the staff of the company. They also decide what the payroll of each employee of the company should be and deliver that payment. So, just like a company cannot run without the employees who handle its work, it cannot run without the department that selects hose efficient workers.

What are the HR Services:  
The HR services are as varied as they are important. Some of these services are listed below.
  1. Planning the procedure of selection of candidates who will be fit for various vacant posts that require immediate attention in the concerned company.
  2. Carrying out the actual selection procedure is also the responsibility of the HR department.
  3. Once they hire certain qualified individuals they must be organised and assigned certain specific jobs. Often this involves working in teams. The jobs of forming such teams that can cooperate communicate and function efficiently is also a part of the HR services.
  4. As mentioned previously, deciding and delivering the payroll of every employee of the company is also a job of the HR department. On top of this, they have to keep the employees motivated and enthusiastic about their work. So a properly functioning and efficient HR department can make quite a remarkable difference in the performance of the employees and the company as a whole.
These are some of the HR services that a company relies greatly on. It is evident from the above description that not only does HR play a great role in the development and improvement of performance of a company; it is also a necessity for its proper functioning.
What is HR Outsourcing and What are its Services:
It is often seen that many small or medium sized companies do not have the sufficient means to invest in creating a complete HR department, proving all the required HR services. The problem they face then is that the normal employees who are actually meant to take care of other areas of work, are assigned to also handle some of the indispensable duties of HR. But this is not the best solution due t the various flaws associated with it.
This is why; HR outsourcing is one concept that is solely and steadily increasing in popularity in the market today. This concept allows the management of any company to hire a separate agency who specialise in providing HR services. No matter what service one needs, they are bound to find some suitable company providing it. So, some of the HR services provided by these HR outsourcing agencies are given below.
  • Selecting and hiring suitable candidates for certain positions in the company.
  • Proving the training for the newly hired staff.
  • They hold a number of orientation programs in order to educate the employees about relevant issues.
  • They track what goals a company aims to achieve in near future and helps to reach them
The best part about outsourcing is that one can choose which HR services they require and discard the rest, thus making way for overall development of the company.

General HR Services

Human Resource Services plays a vital role in developing business. Human Resource takes care of multiple activities such as Resource recruitment, training and selection, employee assessment, talent management, Organization development consulting, Strategy management consulting, Leadership management training, and many. Each HR Service providers will offer different Human Resource activities. Human Resource Management will make the organization to work properly in a right way and also make their company employees to work happily and get motivated. Human Resource Services also build and maintain company culture which will be followed by the employees and employers.

You can find various companies offering Human resource services for the corporate and individuals but I suggest KGA Associates is the right place to find right HR services and other related ones. KGA Associates various coaching and consulting services, such as Leadership coaching, Strategy management training, Management coaching, Executive coaching, etc and also consulting services on General HR Services, Organizational Development Coaching, Employee Assessment Consulting, Talent Management Consulting, Restructuring Projects, etc. It offers highly flexible HR services for the organizations and individuals that provide optimum level of support for the organization but no matter how big or small. KGA Associates closely work with companies to implement their aspiration and strategies by offering generalist HR services. When comes for general HR Services, KGA Associates will indulge as a HR business partnering with the companies, design and implementation of policies, procedures and complaints with relevant employment legislation. If the company is small and wish to do outsourcing Human Resource services, then KGA associates will help and guide you in developing the concern.
In general, top level HR services will design and Implement employment culture, rules and regulations and forecasting the objective of the company. HR management will track previous projects and services which is undertaken and also the performances of human resource specialists involved in various projects, this will help the firm to achieve its objective within some days. Other than recruiting, training and placement, they also take care of leadership management, executive coaching, organizational development consulting, Talent management, etc. You can find the right HR service providers for your concern and develop your concern. HR management will track previous projects and services which is undertaken and also the performances of human resource specialists involved in various projects, this will help the firm to achieve its objective within some days. Other than recruiting, training and placement, they also take care of leadership management, executive coaching, organizational development consulting, Talent management, etc. You can find the right HR service providers for your concern and develop your concern.

It Strategies for Hr Transformation

Today multinational corporations can automate the entire "recruit to retire" process and in so doing align the workforce to the corporation's strategic objectives

• Studies have shown a direct co-relation between operating income growth of companies across a wide range of industries and the successful use of such applications as competency management, workforce planning, learning management systems and HR oriented help desks to improve workforce management

• Outsourcing of HR technology and processing is the single largest trend in business process globalization in 2006, with over 80 % US companies slated to take the outsourcing route to provide improved employee experience to their global workforce

HR morphs from Support to Strategic advantage:

In the past year HR organizations worldwide have graduated to becoming savvy technology users- evolving from a largely service delivery organization to one that focuses on strategic HR programs. HR staff is freed from repetitive and mundane administrative tasks to concentrate on human resource development programs that emphasize employee productivity, performance and retention. Companies are today maximizing the value of their most important asset --employees -- aligning their skills, activities, and incentives with business objectives and strategies.

Over the last 15 years the HR function in corporations has been investing a great deal into technology without realizing a significant ROI. Frequently, HR technology projects don't deliver the expected results. A key factor in this is a failure to define functional requirements clearly. By not basing these requirements in a solid HR strategy, organizations spend too much money on ad hoc software purchases or, even worse, under-use multi-million dollar HR software suites by not implementing modules that could be of significant value. The modules most likely to be left on the shelf are those considered key to operational human capital management, including competency and career development, recruitment, performance management and succession planning. Along with the right software, clean data and tight integration are critical success factors which are often overlooked. Key stakeholders must have access to accurate, consistent, integrated data which cannot happen unless HR and IT objectives are fully aligned. This successful alignment requires an understanding that changing technology alone will achieve little. Change starts to deliver its value only when supported by and integrated with other elements of the infrastructure, which are part of an explicit HR strategy.

Operate global act local

For the global corporation, a unified data model provides a single, accurate view of HCM parameters. For example, such a model for payroll would support worldwide payroll processing with BPO, maintenance, global deployment and management across borders. Choosing the right service provider with requisite domain knowledge will allow installation and operation of payroll that fully complies with local requirements on a worldwide basis.

Portals are the key

Through the use of intuitive web interfaces companies can use portals to communicate HR information to employees across the company-not just knowledge workers but mobile workers, maintenance, field and ground staff. Lack of standard conventions, standardization and compliance for content and graphics has been the primary challenge of corporate portals. However, increasingly, portals require integration with packaged or custom applications, such as an ERP, recruiting software, expense management or travel software, etc. As integration with these solutions becomes more seamless, the line where portal standards begin and end will become less clear.

Self help is the best help

By using personalized self services- web based transactional tools employees can self manage their HR information for updating their payrolls and benefits selection and skill profiles. HR professionals can now move from being transaction processors to consultative partners. A new trend in Self Service systems include MSS or Manager Self Service Systems in which managers can carry out administrative tasks surrounding employee payroll changes, job transfers and scheduling of training.

In school yet on the job: e-learning makes headway

There is a direct correlation between an organization's investment in training and its performance in the marketplace. Companies are using enterprise learning Management initiatives to turn learning into a business advantage. Through the selection and deployment of effective tools, companies can couple effective knowledge transfer and efficient learning techniques with corporate strategy and business objectives.

E-Learning will serve as the only effective way of training a widely dispersed staff in a consistent manner. Combined with personalization, e-learning will become targeted, just-in-time help that is available 24 x 7. Corporate guidelines and standards will have to evolve to handle e-learning and other types of online, multimedia tools.

In Hexaware's experience the following corporate requirements need to be met in order to implement an effective Elearning solution.

• The solution must be very responsive to changing business needs

• The solution must be ubiquitous and easy to use

• The delivered training should match the quality of one-on-one training

• The solution developed must be open, flexible and expandable

• It must be designed to support both backward and forward compatibility with existing and future systems and standards

• The deployed solution must be designed to communicate with other enterprise systems

Its your data working for you: Analytics for global HR decisions

Questions like, how far in advance of hiring should you begin recruiting for new hires? How can you reduce hiring lag times? With HR Analytics, you can analyze your hiring cycle to ensure you have the people you need, when you need them.

HR Analytics provides the tools for policy development and decision-making. Design, implement, and monitor corporate strategies, analyze workforce data, and continuously evaluate how various scenarios affect business goals.

Typically HR Analytics will help gain visibility by providing best-practice methodologies in hiring, training, benefits, and performance analysis, KPI (key performance indicator) benchmarks, metrics and analysis techniques. These provide the power and path to root-cause analysis across the Enterprise. – Answers to hundreds of key business questions providing a complete view of employee resources and costs across all areas of your organization.

Deploying such systems involves bringing disparate data sources together and feed them back to answer your business questions. No longer confined to a limited, silo view of your data, HR analytics integrates data with other views transforming operational data into powerful and actionable information designed for the agile corporation.

For more articles, visit www.hexaware.com

HR Jobs in Virginia

Are you searching for HR jobs in Virginia? Virginia is a beautiful pace to do work in the Human Resources field. If you are settled or are looking to settle in this area, then you should know the right places for finding HR work in this state. In this article, we shall tell you where in Virginia you can find the right HR jobs. 
The best way to find Virginia HR jobs will be to seek out the right consultancies. This is because in most US States, this is the foremost way of getting in touch with employers. You can always check the newspapers but it remains to be seen that the best HR work in Virginia is found through these placement agencies only.

Some of the consultancies which can help you in the state are Career Build, Virginia Richmond Human Resources, Yahoo! Hot Jobs and The Virginia Department of Human Resource And Management.

Career Build

This is one of the famous sites that you can easily search online. Mat Ferguson founded this site in 1994 and has placed millions in the market. If you are placed in the state, you should log onto this site and search for HR employment in Virginia.

Virginia Richmond Human Resources

This recruitment center is funded by the government and it is located at 900 E. Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23219. What you need to do is visit their office and simply file out an application saying you want to register to their placement agency and they will find out HR jobs in the state for you.

Yahoo! Hot Jobs

David Filo and Jerry Yang found this site in January 1994 and since then it has become one of the hottest places to find out jobs. Since this is an online portal you can look for HR work in Virginia from virtually any place of the world. The best part about this site is that they provide free online registration.

The Virginia Department of Human Resource and Management

Virginia HR employment got a boost through this locally placed consultancy which is located at 101 North 14th Street, 12th Floor at Richmond, VA 23219. You can directly contact this office if you are interested in HR work in this state.

Whatever consultancy you choose should have a reputation for providing good jobs. There are many other consultancies so choose with care. Most of the time there are consultancies that take money for registration and also provide low paying or no jobs at all. Hence discretion is advised regarding which consultancy you join.

Places with Jobs

Richmond and Reston are the two primary places where the main work of HR is located. These are good places if you want to work as HR manager or specialist. Do you want to work in HR as a Senior Director? Don't lose hope, such a position is available right in Falls Church.

In fact the best part about this place is that, the companies in this area are looking for more HR personnel in high positions. Alexandria and Arlington are two other good places for HR jobs in Virginia. If you want to work as a HR specialist, then you could try out the companies at Norfolk and McLean.

HR Jobs in Virginia are estimated to increase by the quarter of next year due to expansion by different companies.

Jobs in HR - Myths about Human Resource Jobs

After graduating with a degree in HR if you feel, you have got the knack to do the job of human resources personnel then you should be aware of certain basic things. Of course your decision was to take up HR for which you went through with enough semesters to get yourself placed decently. Well, it all does not come so easy because corporate firms are not cake walk and jobs in HR aren't either.

As a fresher or even before starting an HR professional course you must have had certain thoughts that cajoled you to take this stream up. But you should also be aware of HR career myths that do, at times take a toll on your career. Better to choose and carry forward with the reality of HR jobs than getting yourself disappointed.

What you should know about HR

In plenty of ways careers HR are profitable, noteworthy and considered as the backbone of a huge organization. Not necessarily huge all the time, even small scale companies need suitable and smart HR officers to recruit perfect employees for jobs and also to reap the maximum outputs of existing employees.

Jobs in HR involve a lot of understanding of humane aspects and a human being's potential given a particular amount of production.

Production in itself needs a managerial and coordinated agenda in order to function and HR departments therefore are a must. Setting up workshops, meetings, motivational seminars, in short making a person put in his/her utmost efforts in as low stress as possible. Well, that's about the whole perspective of jobs in HR.

Entry level jobs in HR are never at the peak ones. One very clear thing you should keep in mind is that jobs in HR accrue to working your way up taking a considerable period of time and a lot more experience. Not only in the case of private firms but this applies to government jobs HR as well.

Whatever the work maybe, your competence has to come to the limelight, like your working flexibility in a team, your management, leadership and coordination when given team work and also you should make sure your other team mates listen to you.

This does not come out too easily as more the number of people you have to deal with, larger difference of opinion it creates. You have to be tactful enough to pave your way out, not abiding by HR jobs means only you have to recruit opinion.


To get into any job your resume should be impressive and concise. You can search for jobs online and also get placed through agents or your institution, ultimately what matters is your ability to pull a job that requires a lot of team spirit, logic and tact.

You should prepare yourself well for an interview and have some knowledge about the company's agenda because what an HR at your interview would do, is something your job shall ultimately be. Even better, prepare an answer why they should hire you.
The TOP HR Jobs in the UK can be found here: